The Second Sight of Zachary Cloudesley

Published by Doubleday in the UK, June 2022. 

Paperback May 2023 by Penguin. 

US and Canada edition due December 2023 with Union Square. 

Audio Download 2022

Ebook 2022


'This inventive, fantastical novel, which blends magical realism with historical fiction, is a memorable debut' The Times

'A dashing, magical debut....intricately plotted, and peopled with intriguing characters and cunning clockwork' Daily Mail

'Fans of eccentrically flavoured historical fiction with a touch of magic are in for a treat with this bustling Dickensian debut about a boy born with the ability to see into them inds of everyone he meets, and which spans 18th century Europe from London to Constantiniple' Metro 

'An original coming-of-age tale...enjoyable and imaginative debut' Sunday Times (Historical Fiction Book of the Month)

'Lusk is already an accomplished and award-winning short story writer, and it shows in the scope of his world-building, and the emotional depth of his characters...a novel that confidently plays with elements of magical realism and historical fantasy' The Irish Times 

Watch this novel coming July 2024.